"I can’t take you back to law school with me but I will I help you to understand your legal rights and how that correlates with the law.”

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Benjamin Zavodnick is the Managing partner at Zavodnick Law Firm. He graduated as a Philosophy major from University of Massachusetts Amherst and then continued his education at Seton Hall Law School to obtain his Doctorate of Law. In 2006, he passed the New Jersey Bar exam and began practicing law.


After several years of working as an associate attorney at one of the biggest personal injury firms in Hudson county, Benjamin decided to embrace the opportunity to start his own practice in 2011.  During his time as an associate, he saw the good and bad aspects of this profession and how to best serve the needs of his clients. After several years of being on his own, he has taken the initiative to do things a little bit differently and cure some of the defects so prevalent in some personal injury practices.


Ben runs his practice by these three ideals:

1. Communication

2. Honesty

3. Transparency


Benjamin is a happily married family man living in Bergen County, NJ with his lovely wife and kids.



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